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No Sign-up?!? Why Do I Have to Apply?

There’s a rule in sales that you never slow someone down when they’re trying to buy from you.

We’re going to break that rule right now. Why? We want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Our website care service isn’t for everyone. We are looking for businesses who agree with the statements below. 

If you say yes to these, we invite you to apply.

Apply Now

This isn’t like a college or job application. You apply, we’ll email you and set up a time for a brief phone conversation (5-10 minutes). We also like to do a site audit – the same one we offer up there in the right-hand corner. If we haven’t already done one, we’ll start that. 

We won’t sell or share any of this information.

Fill out the Form

We need your name, email, website, and which care program you're interested in. We'll start on a website audit (if we haven't already done one for you). While that takes a couple days, you can expect an email from us with more details about the audit and application process.

Talk over our Findings

It's normal to have questions about the audit, so we'll get on the phone and answer those questions for you. If both of us feel we're a good fit for one another, you chose a Care Program and we'll get started.

Welcome to Website Care

We'll walk you through the onboarding so that you and your staff know exactly what and when things happen.

Free Site Audit

We'll review your site and provide recommendations to make it more effective. Please give us 2-3 business days and we'll email you the audit report.

Please note: We maintain strict confidentiality. The report will be sent only to the specified e-mail address and no one else. We won’t share or sell your information with anyone. By clicking the button, you agree to have a free website evaluation performed and sent to the indicated address.

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