Frequently Asked Questions about Website Care

These are the most common questions we’re asked about website care. If you have other questions, please ask us!

We update plugins, WordPress & the primary theme. First, we take a full backup. Next, if you use our hosting, or if your host provides it, we’ll do this in a staging environment, make sure everything works, then move it to the live site. If you don’t have a staging area, We’ll make the upgrades & make sure everything works. If it doesn’t, we can quickly restore from the backup.

The Startup report includes the following:

  • Site uptime
  • Site speed
  • Security report
  • Summary of support tasks + number of rollover tasks
  • Total visitors
  • Most popular pages/articles

The Growth report adds these:

  • Google Analytics reports*
  • SEO reports*

The Enterprise report includes these additional features:

  • Report on tasks from all strategy planning.
  • Heatmap reporting*

*These reports have the ability to produce a paralyzing amount of data. We typically include all of it, but as part of the onboarding, together we’ll discuss and decide on what data will be highlighted in these reports.

With SEO Optimization, we check for good readability and make sure that the focus keyword or phrase for that page/post is effectively used. We also optimize the meta description (the description you see on search engine results pages), provide recommendations for internal and external links, and inspect and make recommendations for image alt attributes.
With in-depth SEO keyword research & optimization, we find the keywords that people use for search and optimize the content for that word or phrase. This means you can rank for keywords that are used more frequently in searches. We also spend time each month building backlinks and executing tasks from our monthly strategy consulting.

We restore or fix it and get your site back up as quickly as possible.

A small task is anything that can be completed in 30 minutes or less & a large task takes more than 30 minutes. Examples of small tasks: Change a headline, publish a post, update an employee bio, change or update an image or video. A large task includes things like: writing or editing a blog post, creating a new page, or building backlinks.

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool that local businesses should be using to drive more traffic to their website and business location. It uses Google’s power as the predominant search engine to provide local results for businesses that people are searching for.

We love designing powerful, conversion-focused websites, and yes, we can do it for $700.

If you decide to cancel our service, we use this buyout schedule to cover our design and build costs:

Website Care FAQ

If it’s been more than 36 months, or you no longer want the site, you can cancel anytime.

Every website you can access from a browser needs to be hosted on a public-facing server. Common hosting providers you may have heard of are GoDaddy and Host Gator. The host plays a critical role in the speed of the site, which is important for visitor satisfaction (people don’t like waiting for websites to load).

An SSL is a security certificate. It’s what provides the padlock and “https://” prefix in a browser address bar. This means the site is encrypted, secure and safe to use and interact with.

A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a distributed network of servers that stores your website. By providing multiple access points to your website, you ensure a fast site regardless of where that visitor is geographically.

A staging website is a secondary site that isn’t publicly accessible. You can use it for testing things – like updates – or for developing a new website. The benefit is that if an update breaks the staging site, your public site (also called a production or live site) isn’t affected. So you can change a staging site without worrying about breaking your site. Once changes on a staging site are tested, it can easily be transferred to the production site. If changes break a staging site, it can quickly be restored, and troubleshooting can commence.

Site migration is the moving of an existing site to another host. Just like moving into a new home, moving to a new host can be stressful. We do it all the time though and will migrate your site for free when you use our hosting.

We use SiteGround for our hosting.

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer several add-on features that aren’t always needed by all sites. These include:

  • Scheduling software for online bookings.
  • Membership software, most commonly used in educational or course websites.
  • Affiliate software for paying your affiliates.
  • Digital downloads for businesses that sell e-books or other digital content.
  • Podcasting software for businesses that produce podcasts.
  • WooCommerce for all other e-commerce activity.

This meeting will be one hour (at most). We will discuss marketing strategy, assign tasks, and follow up on previous assignments if needed.

The goal is to make sure that all aspects of the website are progressing the company. We analyze, discuss and report on all aspects: the design, look, and functionality of the site. The speed, technical and strategic SEO. We’ll plan the content strategy, discuss changes and updates, and measure and optimize the site goals.

It’s a lot to cover in 60 minutes, but we use agendas and stick to them so everyone can get back to growing the business.

Content and SEO go hand -in-hand.

This quarterly audit looks at  SEO trends and identifies strong keywords, phrases, an content that can be further capitalized upon. We also look for underperforming objects try to improve them.

We look at your competitors for ways to improve your business performance.

Based on our findings, we provide recommendations of new and updated content and strategies to implement.

Email is still a strong performer for selling, and most businesses can benefit from a strong email strategy.

However, most businesses don’t have a strong email strategy. 

We’ll work with you to design email campaigns that will help people move along their customer journey towards making a purchase.

Here’s the high level overview of what we do:

  1. We’ll send you a video link with complete details of how everything will go.
  2. We’ll send you a form where you can provide the info we need to access your site’s administrative area. We’ll quickly get to work doing the technical optimization.
  3.  We’ll study your site and industry, and we’ll want to talk about your customers. As we gain an understanding of how you and your industry work, and the people you serve, we’ll begin to make recommendations of improvements and ideas to test.
  4. If we’re designing a website or transfering a site, we’ll send you the pertinent information and/or schedule meetings to work on that.

We can provide website care to as many sites as you have. We offer discounts if you have 5 or more. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

Absolutely! We can provide care for your site regardless of the host. We do recommend high-quality host companies. Cheap companies tend to suffer from performance problems.

We include these licensed products with our services:

  • iThemes Pro (security)
  • Updraft Pro (backup)
  • Pingdom (performance monitoring)*
  • ShortPixel (image optimization)
  • WP Rocket (caching & speed)
  • WP-Optimize (Database cleaning and optimization)
  • Elementor Pro (website design)**
  • Ultimate add-ons for Elementor (website design)**
  • Astra Pro (Theme)**
  • Schema Pro (Technical SEO)*
  • Convert Pro (Pop up marketing tool)**
  • Crazy Egg (Marketing strategy and page optimization)***
  • Ahrefs dashboard (SEO optimization)**

That’s a benefit of up to $2,900 per year.

*Included in Growth & Enterprise

**Included with web design

***Included with Enterprise

For small and large tasks, we are in the office Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5PM Eastern Time.

Site monitoring and uptime is monitored 24/7.

For small and large tasks, we use email. 

Since we monitor site availability, we are alerted if issues arise, but should you ever notice something is not working, you can email us.

Our approach is to secure your site and prevent malware from getting on in the first place. Hackers tend towards the “low hanging fruit” approach. They will look for easy targets to inject malware into. By hardening your site, there will likely never be an issue with malware.

In the rare case there is malware that needs to be removed, we do offer that service as an add-on.

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